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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Deadline for Entry Registration and Payment: 19th October 2018

Deadline for Supporting Material Submission: 19th October 2018

Please note in your diary that the results will be announced on 9th November 2018.

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Best Launch (Wine, Spirits and Beer)

This award recognises both launches and re-launches in Asia. Judges expect distinction in PR, advertising, consumer research, revived design and packaging, as well as improved supply chain management and increased store listings.

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Best Social Media Campaign

Social Media is now an essential part of virtually every successful marketing campaign. This category recognizes the success of marketing campaigns in Asia based on social media. Your entry can be based on a campaign that was solely built around social media activity, or you can highlight how social media formed a crucial part of a larger marketing campaign that used a range of promotional techniques. To succeed in this category, please supply qualitative and quantitative evidence to illustrate the achievements of this campaign. Ideally, the entry should include a summary of the aims, the timeline, the costs, and, most importantly, the results, all expressed succinctly in an initial awards pitch.

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Best Retail Award

The winner of this award will have no equal and will define excellence in drinks retailing during the year. You will have achieved significant sales growth in your respective Asian market(s) and will have an impressive display of value and range for your customers.

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Best Online Retailer

Do you know how to make the most of the world wide web? We’re looking for an online drinks operator who has a brilliant range, appealing site design, novel selling techniques and a loyal customer base. Judges will be looking for proof of profitable performance over the last 12 months in Asia, evidence of a growing database of repeat users, brand recognition and geographical reach.

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Best Drinks Event

This category is designed to encompass a range of events, from annual tastings by companies or generics, to exhibitions, masterclasses or seminars, that happened in Asia. To succeed in this category please clearly illustrate what made your event successful. This should include an explanation of the initial concept, how it was planned and promoted, what it set out to achieve before clearly stating the results. To help us ascertain the level of success, please include visitor numbers, attendee feedback and revenues generated. Ideally, the entry should include a summary of the aims, the timeline, the costs, and, most importantly, the results, all expressed succinctly in an initial awards pitch.

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Drinks Company of the Year (Wine, Spirits and Beer)

This is the most coveted award in Asia. Under scrutiny: your business development and diversification, sales/profit growth, employee management, new product development, market penetration, brand development and corporate responsibility… line up brand owners, agents and producers, it could be you!

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Fine Wine Retailer of the Year

This award recognises top sales and profit performance amongst fine wine retailers who specialise in selling wines priced at HK$ 300+ both in-store and online, to Asian consumers. Judges will be looking for information that illustrates diversity of wine regions, unequalled specialisation in given regions, excellence in customer service and education, quality of wine tastings and dinners.

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Green Drinks Company of the Year

This award recognises the drinks company that has made the most effort to reduce its carbon footprint and raise environmental awareness amongst customers, consumers and employees. To achieve this, the company is able to demonstrate significant programmes and measures undertaken to improve packaging, production process and marketing, sales and distribution channels. The judges will be looking for both qualitative and quantitative evidence of the "green" efforts..

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Man of the Year

Are you the Man of the Year? Has your contribution to the Asian wine and spirits industry over the last year set you apart from the rest? Judges will be looking for unparalleled leadership, business acumen, and/or major deal broking success. This award may also recognise outstanding contribution to the industry as a whole.

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On-trade Supplier of the Year

Judges will take into account the recommendation and opinion of customers and look for evidence in high standards of service, including 24 hour delivery, flexibility and adaptability to the strains of the restaurant and hotel business. They will also award on-trade suppliers on the quality of their range and pricing, plus attention to environmental issues in a high carbon impact business model.

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Young Achiever of the Year

Are you on a meteoric rise to the top of your game? You must be under 35 and have delivered beyond what is humanly possible this year in Asia. If so, then you could be the db Asia’s Young Achiever of the Year.

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Woman of the Year

We are looking for entries from Asia’s top female performers in the wine and spirits industry to compete for this highly coveted title. Judges will expect proven innovation and leadership within your field. This award may also recognise outstanding contribution to the industry as a whole.

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