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In focus: Southern Chile

Thanks to climate change and the intrepid nature of its winemakers, production has been moving due south in Chile. Lauren Eads meets the producrs who are pioneering wine in the country’s southern reaches.

In focus: How the Douro is taking the lead on climate change

Climate change is having a major effect on the world’s vineyards, including in Port’s Douro heartland. But moves are afoot to tackle the problem head on and prepare for whatever the future throws at the region.

In focus: Top trends in Pinot Grigio

Whether you know it as Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris, the white grape is a global star. But with some examples being thin and neutral while others offer a glass that oozes class, how are consumers to know what’s in store? Phoebe French investigates…


Pink Rosé Festival

7th Feb 2019

Wine Paris

11th Feb 2019


London,United Kingdom
11th Mar 2019
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12 sophisticated soft drinks for Dry January

Soft drinks are no longer the preserve of children’s parties. The category has caught fire recently as millennials continue to turn their backs on booze. In honour of Dry January, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best soft serves on the market.

Top 10 food and drink trends for 2019

From the fermenting fad and canned wine craze to motherless meat, we round up what we predict will be the 10 biggest food and drinks trends in the UK this year.

Top 10 Spanish wine trends

From world-class whites to prestige Cava via blue wine, vermouth and hipster Sherry, Lucy Shaw rounds up the 10 biggest trends in Spanish wine around the globe.