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Power 100: The Italian job

While Bordeaux continued to falter in the Liv-ex Power 100 list in 2020, Italy’s wines powered ahead in popularity, cementing their place in a marketplace that is broader and more diverse than ever before.

10 reasons to drink Champagne during the pandemic

Don’t have much to celebrate this year? That’s no reason to eschew Champagne, and we bring you 10 excuses to pop the cork in the middle of a pandemic.

Rhône fine wine: Slow and steady wins the race?

The Rhône Valley’s status as a producer of fine wines has never really been in doubt but for decades its performance relative to peer regions in France and beyond has been poor. With signs that it’s gaining traction in the secondary market, however, is the Rhône’s steady perseverance starting to pay off?

The Americans are coming: US fine wine trade booms

Amid the talk of Bordeaux’s shrinking trade share, Burgundy’s slower growth and the boom for Champagne and Italy, another set of wines have been making big strides this year – American ones.

TWE’s new chief executive struggles to win over investors

It’s tough for a new chief executive to announce improved performance but still see their company’s share price slump to a five-year low on the same day. That’s what happened to Tim Ford of Australia’s Treasury Wine Estates last week.

Second Coming: Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia

While second labels from acclaimed houses can, to connoisseurs, feel somewhat less than the main event, winemaker Axel Heinz is ensuring that Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia stands on its own reputation, writes Rupert Millar.


Hip hops: Top beer delivery services

Whether you’re looking to revisit your favourite brews or try something new, we’ve rounded up six companies to seek out when your fridge door needs replenishing. 

Top 10 food and drink trends for 2021

With the coronavirus pandemic having shaped many of the food and drink trends that emerged last year, we bring you our top 10 trend predictions for 2021.

db’s top 10 most read stories of 2020

From drunk elephants and a whisky-loving Pope to Ryan Reynolds apologising to The Rock, we bring you to our top ten most read news stories of 2020.