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Wednesday 24 August 2016 loc: GB
Top 10 ways to wind up a wine lover

From waiters overfilling your wine glass to restaurant mark-ups and poor pronunciation, we round-up the most irritating habits guaranteed to tick-off a wine lover.



Six great beauty benefits of drinking vodka

Vodka often gets a bad rep as it’s likely given more people headaches than it’s cured, but there are some unknown beauty benefits that it possesses.

Craft beer insider spills industry’s dark secrets

Apparently, the craft beer industry isn’t the big family it’d depicted as, and one dark and shadowy figure has revealed the inner workings from behind the scenes.

Wine List Confidential new entry: Clipstone

Our Wine List Confidential expert assesses the wine list of Clipstone, the recently opened little sister restaurant of one Michelin-starred Portland.

Winemaker Ben Snyman talks Survivor

Overhex Wines International head winemaker Ben Snyman talks about the winemaking process involved in producing the Survivor Wines range.


Alcohol industry to push back against government’s moderate drinking plan

The alcohol industry is set to launch a series of studies in a bid to pushback against the government’s calls for drinking in moderation.

Fuller’s and Yeastie Boys create new beer

Fuller’s has teamed up with New Zealand-based craft brewer Yeastie Boys to create a new beer.

BrewDog teams up with Bodean’s to host BBQ and beer dinner

Craft beer giants BrewDog has teamed up with popular restaurant chain Bodeans to throw a series of beer-themed BBQ dinners.

Beard and beer evening to be held in Scotland

Hipsters in Glasgow are set to come together in to indulge in some beer and beard stroking as a new event looks to combine the two.

Small screen boosts confidence in fine wine

Beady-eyed investors will have had the chance to see and hear Amphora’s own James Fletcher on CNBC last Thursday. Yes folks, the fine wine market has been barreling ahead at such a rate as to attract the attention of the small screen.

by Philip Staveley

Tasmania, an island of well-kept treasures

Being the only island State of Australia, Tasmania is a fascinating and intriguing wine region. According to the legend, this little island in the middle of the ocean was born from the union between Australia and New Zealand. by Jean-Baptiste Ancelot

Pink for Summer: Reviewing five rosé wines perfect for the sun

Rosé is often credited as being the ideal wine for the summer, and here Robin Goldsmith brings us five selections that make perfect accompaniment to the warm weather. by Robin Goldsmith

Eden Mill founder hits back at distillery confusion

From the Borders to Angus, to Harris to Fife we are seeing continued growth in the number of new distilleries across Scotland, each of which are creating meaningful jobs and adding value to Scotland PLC. by db_staff
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Tequila Corralejo


Japan could give tourists tax break on alcohol

Japanese alcoholic drinks such as saké and Japanese whisky could become exempt from tax for foreign tourists if a request by its tourism agency is accepted.

BrewDog plan to take on Scotch distilleries with US-style whisky

BrewDog has already shaken up the craft beer scene in the UK, and now it seems they have set their sights on Scotland’s whisky industry.

Professor develops psychometric whisky flavour test

An Edinburgh psychologist has developed a psychometric test which he says is capable of predicting your whisky taste preferences based on your personality.

Former footballer jailed for £2,500 whisky theft

A footballer that once played alongside David Beckham has been sentenced to jail for stealing a large quantity of whisky from a supermarket.


Modern Wine Fables – Bordeaux: Futures

The third and final Modern Wine Fable; a journalist would do anything for a scoop, wouldn’t they?

Modern Wine Fables – Loire: Offering

In the second of our Modern Wine Fables, it might be wiser not to push a biodynamic producer to the edge, still worse over it. You may regret it.

Modern Wine Fables – Burgundy: Appreciation

In the first of three new fictional ‘Modern Wine Fables’, what happens when the world’s greatest wine becomes too expensive to drink?

Tricks of ancient drinking game revealed

The best way to win at the ancient drinking game “kottabos” is to fling your wine dregs like a baseball, not like a frisbee, one expert has declared.

Our Top 10's

Top 10 Scottish gin distilleries

Scotland is now home to some fantastic small craft distilleries, and here we chart 10 of the best spanning from Hadrian’s Wall to the tip of the Highlands.

Top 10 quirkiest bars in London

London is a breeding ground for the innovative and the unusual, and naturally, this extends to the bar scene, too. Here are our pick of ten of the best quirky bars in the UK’s capital.

Eight irritating habits of people in the wine trade

The wine trade is largely made up of wine lovers happy to be working in an industry where they can indulge in their personal love of wine, but it also breeds some irritating habits.

London’s top 10 expert-rated wine lists

To mark the launch of Wine List Confidential – a unique new wine list ratings website from the team at db – we present the top 10 wine lists in London right now – as judged by experts.

Five most dangerous drug and alcohol combinations

We’re often told not to drink with prescription drugs, and now a new study has shown which drug and alcohol cocktails are the most lethal.

Seven stunning Olympic cocktail recipes

The Olympics may be half over, but there’s still time to mix together some cocktails to enjoy with the action.

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Fine Wine

BBR appoints new private clients director

London fine wine merchant Berry Bros & Rudd has announced the appointment of Nick Morton in the new role of director of private clients.

Bordeaux sales ‘reach five-year high’

Sales of Bordeaux’s top fine wines have reached a five-year high off the back of rising demand from Asia due to the fall in the value of the pound post-Brexit.

Angelus and Talbot hitting the high notes

July saw various vintages from Bordeaux estates Angelus and Talbot hit new all-time highs on the Liv-ex exchange.

Online wine auction house launches in HK

Hong Kong wine merchant Links Concept and a group of Asia-based wine specialists have launched – a new online wine auction site aimed at private collectors.


Veuve Clicquot boat trip in pictures

Veuve Clicquot recently took to Hong Kong’s high seas for a fun, frothy and frivolous nautical trip complete with lashings of bubbles, Brut and boating banter.

The week in pictures

Male wine queens, cheeky squirrels and devastating hail storms all make up the bones of another eventful week in the world of wines and spirits.

‘Krug Island’ launch a music experience curated by The Clash legend Mick Jones

This September, Krug have partnered with Mick Jones and chef Michael O’Hare to create an unforgettable champagne, music and food experience from leading music names – Krug Island.

Top 10 drunk footballers

With the Premier League season set to return this weekend, we’re celebrating by putting together a gallery of drunk footballers, obviously.

Could Brexit bring back the imperial pint?

Britain’s recent decision to move away from the EU could see the return of the imperial pint, which current EU regulation prohibits.