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Wednesday 28 September 2016 loc: GB

    Harrods to close fine wine basement

    One of London’s most famous luxury department stores, Harrods, is to close its basement fine wine department it has been announced, with the range being moved elsewhere in the building.

    Spottswoode founder Mary Weber Novak dies

    Mary Weber Novak, founder of renowned Napa Valley estate Spottswoode, has died aged 84 after a brief battle with cancer.

    Investor revolt threatens SABMiller takeover

    Protests by shareholders are threatening to throw AB InBev’s £79 billion takeover of SABMiller – set to become the biggest deal in British corporate history – off the rails.

Top 10 UK beer imports from Europe

With the British Beer & Pub Association releasing their yearly statistics we’re able to show you where in Europe the UK gets the most of its beer from.



Aldi aims £2.99 ‘craft wine’ range at millennial market

Supermarket chain Aldi is looking to tap into the craft beer loving millennial market by releasing a range of low-price ‘craft wines’.

Franciacorta ‘must recruit good ambassadors’

Franciacorta must recruit strong ambassadors if it is to build momentum in key export markets such as the UK, one of the region’s leading producers has said.

Lidl makes new wine range ‘next door’ to famous French regions

Supermarket chain Lidl are claiming their new range, that is averagely priced at £8.99, is ‘just as good’ as £199 bottles made at vintage vineyards.

Kevin Spacey arrives at Oktoberfest

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey’s arrival at this year’s Oktoberfest didn’t go as under the radar as he would have liked.


Shipwreck whisky goes to auction

A whisky pulled from the depths of Davy Jones’ 120-year-old locker has turned up for sale at an auction.

Burger-flavoured beer looks to grill competition

A burger and a beer go hand in hand like peas in a pod, and our obsession with the humble beef patty only seems to be getting stronger.

Seven gluten-free beers to try now

Gluten-free beers are following in the trend of low-alcohol and low-carb alcohol, and here are five that you should be getting down your gullet right now.

Beer in a can approved as real ale

A Bristol brewery is the first to have its canned beer recognised as real ale by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

Alcoholic Drinks – August 2016 Overview of New Product Launches

This regular summary highlights the most interesting product launches in July to August 2016, with a focus on the direction the alcoholic drinks industry is taking in terms of innovative developments.

by Spiros Malandrakis

Fine wine in La La land

The top wines of the Rhône have always struggled despite good scores and small production but that doesn't mean their time won't come. by Philip Staveley

Why does Bud Light refuse to sell beer?

Fresh from announcing its gay-wedding ad (which, in oddly tokenising fashion, appears not yet to have actually aired on paid major media as promised), Bud Light is now advertising equal pay for women. by Dan Fox

Closely watched wines

Tracking which wines people are searching for can be a good way of predicting trends and investment opportunities. by Philip Staveley
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Tequila Corralejo


Police close in on £12,000 distillery thief

Police are said to be closing the net on the thief that stole a £12,000 bottle of whisky in Scotland last week.

Scotch awarded trademark in Taiwan

Scotch whisky has been registered as a trademark in Taiwan, with the Scotch Whisky Association calling it a “legal breakthrough” in the battle against fakes.

ISIS lashing people caught smuggling alcohol

ISIS chiefs are punishing anyone that’s caught with illicit alcohol by handing out 80 lashes.

Royal Salute releases 32-year-old whisky

Royal Salute has unveiled its latest expression – Royal Salute 32 Year Old Union of the Crowns – a blend of single malt and grain whiskies aged for a minimum of 32 years.


Modern Wine Fables – Bordeaux: Futures

The third and final Modern Wine Fable; a journalist would do anything for a scoop, wouldn’t they?

Modern Wine Fables – Loire: Offering

In the second of our Modern Wine Fables, it might be wiser not to push a biodynamic producer to the edge, still worse over it. You may regret it.

Modern Wine Fables – Burgundy: Appreciation

In the first of three new fictional ‘Modern Wine Fables’, what happens when the world’s greatest wine becomes too expensive to drink?

Tricks of ancient drinking game revealed

The best way to win at the ancient drinking game “kottabos” is to fling your wine dregs like a baseball, not like a frisbee, one expert has declared.

Our Top 10's

South Africa’s top 10 fastest-growing grape plantings

As South African winemakers continue to test the limits of their country’s terroir, we count down the top 10 fastest-growing grape varieties on the Cape.

Top 10 wines in the US press

Oregon Pinot Noir’s are paired alongside a selection of sparkling whites in this week’s spotlight on the best wines in the US press.

Top 10 London wine lists by range

Of the 350+ London entries currently on Wine List Confidential, in the pages that follow we present the top 10 based on range…

Top 10 buildings built with booze bottles

In a world of waste any attempt to reduce and reuse should be applauded, which makes the following bottle-based constructions not only impressive works of art, but eco-friendly landmarks.

Six wine holidays off the beaten track

We’re all about discovery here, and if you’re planning a wine holiday anytime soon then you might want to consider one of these less than commercial destinations.

Top 10 German beers for Oktoberfest

With this year’s Oktoberfest almost upon us, we take a closer look at some of the best beers coming out of Germany right now.

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Latour ‘07 release: ‘a damp squib’

Although it was released with no ex-cellar premium, Latour’s 2007 has largely failed to ignite UK consumers’ interest say merchants.

Burgundy braces itself for smaller harvest

Burgundy is anticipating a patchy 2016 harvest following “challenges” caused by spring frosts, with yields potentially dipping by around 25%.

A century of La Mission for sale

The line-up of the La Mission Haut-Brion ex-cellar sale being held in New York this October has been announced.

Latour release: 2007 out at market price

Latour has released the next tranche of its ex-cellar offerings, this time the 2007 vintage of the grand vin – with no premium.


Leicester striker Jamie Vardy reveals alcohol demons

Leicester City and England striker Jamie Vardy has revealed his former problems with drinking and tells how he turned his life around.

Jenkyn Place echoes ‘vintage of the century’ hope

Simon Bladon, owner of Jenkyn Place Vineyard, has echoed the expectant hope of fellow Hampshire wine estate owner Ian Kellett that 2016 could be the ‘vintage of the century’ for his estate.

Nicolas Feuillatte sponsors 100-course dinner party

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte has partnered with food start-up La Belle Assiette to host a ‘record-breaking’ 100-course dinner, which will be served to 100 guests over 1,000 minutes next month.

2016 vintage ‘better in England than Champagne’

English sparkling wines will outperform those of Champagne in the 2016 vintage, Naked Wines has predicted.

DP offers 15-minute ‘transformational’ experience

Dom Pérignon is launching a free 15-minute immersive experience that it says will take guests on a “multi-sensory journey to uncover the magic” of its Champagnes.