Boris Johnson has wine confiscated for exceeding gift limit

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has had a bottle of Hungarian wine confiscated by the cabinet office as it exceeded the price limit on gifts MPs are allowed to receive.

As reported by The Independent, in addition to the wine, which was a present from Hungarian government, he had caviar and Scotch confiscated.

The luxury items were taken by the cabinet office so as to not break corruption rules. They were confiscated because they all exceeded the strict price limits on freebies. The cabinet office also confiscated a painting and a sculpture from Johnson.

Aimed at preventing individuals from exerting undue influence over our politicians, the ministerial code means MPs are not allowed to accept gifts valued at over £140. According to The Independent, the Hungarian wine was taken away by cabinet office officials for “disposal”.

2 Responses to “Boris Johnson has wine confiscated for exceeding gift limit”

  1. Charles Crawfurd says:

    Any guesses as to how those officials ‘disposed’ of it!!!

  2. Wombles says:

    I want to work with those poor lads, who have to “dispose” of those gifts. Heck, even an intern position would be fine! 🙂
    Either way, they probably saved Boris from diabetes… That wine must have been a 6 Puttonyos or something like that.

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