The Drinks Business Green Awards 2019 winners

Green Launch of the Year – Avallen Spirits 

Seeking not only to reduce the harm it does to the environment, as part of its #BeePositive campaign, Calvados producer Avallen wants to “actively have a positive impact” through biodiversity and donates a proportion from every bottle of Calvados it sells to organisations working to protect and restore bee populations, such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in the UK.

To produce its Calvados, Avallen works with over 40 different varieties of apple sourced from 300 local farmers within close proximity to its distillery in Normandy. Keen to close the production loop, apple pulp from the production process is re-used as cattle feed and fertiliser. The liquid itself has no added sugar or caramel.

On the packaging front, Avallen Calvados is housed in a lightweight bottle finished with a no plastic shrink wrap seal, and boasts a label made from paper crafted from apple pulp and printed with natural inks. Even company business cards are printed on wildflower seed paper. Our judges praised Avallen’s bold ambition to bring an old fashioned product into the 21st century through fun, innovative, eco-friendly packaging.

Commendation – The Wine People for Purato

Having been on the scene for a decade, our judges were impressed with the relaunch of The Wine People’s Purato brand in order to better highlight its green credentials. Describing the brand as “green in the extreme”, the wines in the Purato range are sustainably made at every stage of the production process.

The four pillars of the Purato re-launch were to communicate the brand’s green status in being certified organic, vegan friendly, carbon neutral, and boasting packaging made with recycled materials. Believing organics is “the only way forward” for winemaking, the company uses its carbon credits to aid the conservation of the Amazon rainforest. Our judges liked the fact that Purato was “getting the green job done in an unflashy way”.


The Wine People for Purato

Viña Maipo

Avallen Spirits

Altia Spirits (Kroskenkorva Vodka)

Bonterra Organic Vineyards

Loop Gin

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  1. Soledad says:

    HII! Iwould like to know , how to apply for the green awards since we are the top organic producer in Argentina.
    We are Santa Julia Winery.

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