The Drinks Business Green Awards 2019 winners

Organic Initiative of the Year – Tenute Lunelli 

Our winner is an example of the very simple idea that being organic doesn’t mean you can’t use up-to-date technology – far from it. Tenute Lunelli owns and runs three wineries across Italy, in Trentodoc, Umbria and Tuscany.As well as practicing organic farming at all three locations, banning chemical sprays and fertilisers and promoting traditional practices, the company has also pursued the ‘Biodiversity Friend’ certification, awarded by the Worldwide Biodiversity Association.

Innovation and modern scientific techniques have been employed to support and sustain these practices and help develop framing that works in harmony with the cycles and rhythms of nature. Tenute Lunelli has adopted the ‘Animavitis’ wine management programme, which creates vigour maps allowing for targeted technical strategies in each and every plot and with it a more holistic approach to farming and treatment; perfectly combining organics, tradition and innovation.

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  1. Soledad says:

    HII! Iwould like to know , how to apply for the green awards since we are the top organic producer in Argentina.
    We are Santa Julia Winery.

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