The Drinks Business Green Awards 2019 winners

Water Management in Wine Award – RedHeads Wine

In a challenging environment RedHeads Wine has responded to the tests forced upon it with ideas that are forward-thinking and effective. The average monthly rainfall in Angaston, Australia, is just 20mm and there was no ‘meaningful’ rain between December 2018 and May 2019, during which time the temperature reached over 45°C on some days.

Water collection, reducing waste water and water recycling are key focus areas RedHeads has worked towards, capturing all of the water from its winery roof and dam, collecting 2.7 million litres of extra water that can be reused around the winery, while the dam with a storage capacity of 3.8 megalitres is used to supply water for irrigation. All of which, in addition to a new eco-friendly winery, helped convince the judges that though RedHeads by name they were indeed ‘greenheads’ in nature.

Water Management in Beer Award – Small Beer Brew Co.

The joint winner of this year’s Water Management Award was Small Beer Brew Co, which, since its founding in 2017, has worked to reduce waste in its brewery. The site has been engineered to be ‘dry’, saving hundreds of litres of water and making a safer and more hygienic environment without the need for constant washing and the use of harsh chemicals.

Through better and cleverer use of water, the brewery has been able to save 6.56 litres of H2O for every litre of beer brewed, a saving of over a million litres of water in the past year. Small Beer also has a pledge to improve its water conservation every six months in a bid to tackle the ‘bad habits’ of the industry.

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  1. Soledad says:

    HII! Iwould like to know , how to apply for the green awards since we are the top organic producer in Argentina.
    We are Santa Julia Winery.

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