Mail order wine education service launched

Young entrepreneur Joshua Lachkovic has launched a mail order wine education service called The Wine List in a bid to demystify the subject for amateur enthusiasts.

The service is aimed at UK-based wine lovers who are keen to learn more about the subject but don’t know where to start.

Subscribers to The Wine List receive two bottles of wine and study guides through their door each month with the aim of helping them to better navigate a wine list or supermarket aisle by getting to grips with their wine preferences.

A tasting guide is sent with the first delivery and each month after that different focus topics on grapes, world wine regions and winemaking styles are sent to subscribers.

“Half of the UK’s wine drinkers wish they knew more about wine but don’t know where to start. The options out there are either enrol in a course that is incredibly time intensive and expensive, or read books. The Wine List is the new way,” said Lachkovic, who worked at Pact Coffee before launching the venture.

Lachkovic is behind the Introduction to English Wine podcast and has his own weekly Wine List newsletter. He describes his new education service, which costs £39 a month, as “fun, thought provoking and engaging”.

Subscribes can sign up for as many monthly deliveries as they like. While no details have been given about the wines, Lachkovic has sourced drops that aren’t on sale at supermarkets in a bid to broaden his subscribers’ wine horizons.

Prior to The Wine List, Lachkovic worked at Thriva, an at-home blood finger-prick test service that allows you to track your blood health from home.

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