Alternative Tube map reveals London’s cheapest pints

Researchers at StoreKit have released a redesigned Tube map showing the cheapest pints near London Underground stations.

Image: StoreKit

The result of research conducted on behalf of the point-of-sale systems supplier StoreKit, the pint-focused map featuring more than 260 pubs was released today.

The analysis unveiled that the cheapest beer can be found at Wetherspoon’s New Fairlop Oak pub near Fairlop station in north-east London, with a pint of Kozel Czech lager costing £1.89, while the most expensive “cheap” pint is served at the Union Tavern near Westbourne Park with no beer less than the £5.55 charged for a pint of Frontier.

At £2 a pint for an unnamed beer, the cheapest independent pub was found to be the Coach & Horses near Hounslow East Underground.

The research also revealed that the most expensive line overall is the Circle where the average price of the “cheapest” pints in nearby pubs is £4.52.

In contrast, the most inexpensive line overall is the Metropolitan with the cheapest pint averaging £3.77.

In zone 1, the nearest pub to a Tube station is an average of 0.18 miles while the closest pub “entrance to entrance” overall is the Famous Cock, just 10 feet away from Highbury and Islington station.

The most “remote” Tube station on the network is Stanmore in north-west London which is 1.3 miles from the Three Wishes.

The preferred single beer in pubs closest to Underground stations was found to be Peroni, followed by Fosters, Carlsberg and Camden Hells.

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  1. Greg T says:

    NONE of Peroni, Fosters or Carlsberg could really be described as actual beers though, could they now?

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