Here’s what people are saying about the taste of Carlsberg’s new pilsner

Twitter users are reacting to the taste and the marketing campaign for Carlsberg’s new brew.

Danish brewer Carlsberg has spent £20 million on the new advertising, which admits its flagship lager is “probably not the best beer in the world.” It has also launched a new Danish pilsner alongside the campaign, as well as new, eco friendly packaging and updated glasses.

To promote the new brew, Carlsberg is running a follow-up to the campaign on Twitter. The hashtag ‘new brew’, appearing with a custom emoji, was pushed to the top of many users’ ‘Trends for you’ section of their homepage.

Many tweeters, naturally, responded to the promotion, expressing their view of both the new beverage and Carlsberg’s new approach – with mixed views.

A lot of people chose not to mince their words:

This person was too scared to swallow….



This couple said drinking the new Carlsberg beer made them feel ill the next day…



This person is appalled that Carlsberg caved in to Big Pilsner.



This person is mad as hell.


These people loved the old slogan so much they’ve repurposed it:



Mind you, a lot of users had respect for the move and enjoyed the taste and the glasses:


This journalism student had a very considered opinion:



Edward here is a convert:



This guy gave Carlsberg respect:



These guys were just in it for the new glassware:


And some users were still on the fence:


While one user pointed out it isn’t really Danish at all, and is actually brewed in Northampton:

Twitter users are not the only people to be sceptical of the marketing campaign.

Following the launch, Scottish brewer Tennent’s erected a billboard at its Duke Street visitor centre questioning the validity of its claims.

The new sign, which calls Tennent’s “Scotland’s favourite beer”, said that its lager is only ever brewed in Scotland, while implying that Carlsberg’s “Danish” pilsner is probably brewed at the beer giant’s UK headquarters in Northampton.

13 Responses to “Here’s what people are saying about the taste of Carlsberg’s new pilsner”

  1. stephen says:

    Carlsberg.I was expecting someting really special with this new beer.It is such a shame you have not spent the amount you clearly spent on advertising on the new is truly awfull.

  2. John Murphy says:


  3. J. Murphy says:

    Been Looking everywhere for the old cans of Carlsberg getting very hard to find much better than the new pilsner WHY OH WHY did they change it?

  4. John Cornell says:

    Why I why have you ruined my drinking with your new pilsner later it’s awful I have been drinking what was, not probably,the best lager in the world ,after 2 pints I’ struggle to drink any more, had to change to fosters , please bring back the old carlsberg and the old glasses

  5. derek smith says:

    old carlsberg a lot better i felt ill day after drinking new brew tastes like them german pilsners bit like stella. talked to few people that do not like it .Going back to Carling and Fosters. Found a pub in grassington that still had old barrels of carlsberg and people were asking for that rather than new brew. And get back to old glasses. My local has a cheap beer day carlsberg included but will be paying a bit more for a pint of fosters or carling.

  6. K moon says:

    Wat a waste of money tastless bring back the old stuff

  7. Andy C says:

    Sorry I have to agree the old brew is considerably better than the new one. The new one is not as crisp and it does not hold a head – I am off to join the Carling gang
    Probably the worst decision Carlsberg ever made. I expect their next one will be to make the beer stronger so they sell even less of it

  8. Peter says:

    Tried it the other night, its absolutely vile due to its overt sweetness. I brought a six pack (of 330ml beers) and threw away the other five after poring the open one down the drain. Avoid.

  9. andrew scholes says:

    I have to say I agree with many of the comments here, really loved the old Carlsberg, could happily down a pint in no time, struggling to get through a pint of the new Carlsberg. After a few months of trying to like it I will be changing, possibly try Carling not sure. This new Carlsberg has a back taste, very similar to Stella and I find just one pint can make you feel pretty bad the next day. Why did you change it?

  10. Paul says:

    I never drank anything else except Carlsberg. I have had to change to carling, which i wasnt struck on. Why on earth they would advertise in the past, probably the best larger in the world, then change it.

  11. Billy Hughes says:

    Carlsberg Pilsner is poor and it makes you feel bad the next day with a few cans!! It doesn’t hold a head and taste is not as crisp. I will be moving to Coors Light. Goodbye Carlsberg, probably won’t return. Some things are better left along.

  12. James says:

    I really enjoyed the old beer. I’m annoyed with Carlsberg for disregarding it’s customers and changing their product to this horrible tasting beer that leaves a nasty after taste. If they wanted a new product they should have left the old one alone and launched Carlsberg extra or something. You’ve lost a customer here.

  13. Derek Thomas says:

    I have been a Carlsberg drinker for years.Why on earth they would change the taste really is a strange move.
    I could understand if they brought a new drink out along with their regular tasting drink and see if people would prefer to change over time.
    But to take Carlsberg away and just expect people to jump to this Pilsner is baffling
    I for one will not be drinking their new recipe as I find the taste quite nasty. .

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