Pub landlord sleeps on floor after drunk woman leaves her dog behind

A pub landlord was outraged after sleeping on the floor of his boozer to look after a dog a woman had left behind, only to receive a bad review over “cold merlot”.

The dog was eventually “happily reunited with its owner” according to a post on the pub’s Facebook page.

But the landlord was put out after the woman — who reportedly forgot to take her dog home after a night of too much drinking — still gave the Dreadnought in Leith, Edinburgh, four stars because her glass of Merlot was “too cold.”

The owner said he shared his experience on social media after having to provide his wife with photographic evidence to prove he really was sleeping on the pub floor to look after a dog.

“When your wife wants to know why you didn’t come home last night and you have to produce evidence to support your implausible claim that one of the punters forgot to take their dog with them,” it read.

Despite reuniting the dog with its owner, he later posted on Twitter claiming that she had reviewed the pub, only giving it four stars and complaining about the temperature of her red wine.

Fortunately, the posts quickly took on a life of their own, with dozens of people sharing their support for the Landlord, and even leaving five-star reviews of their own.

The Dreadnought — a craft beer pub located in one Edinburgh’s Leith suburb — is not just receipted for its love of animals. The boozer was also recently crowned Edinburgh’s Pub of the Year in the Campaign for Real Ale’s annual regional awards.

The overall UK winner was the Cricketers Arms, a community pub in St Helens, Merseyside which had been boarded up for closure in 2013.

2 Responses to “Pub landlord sleeps on floor after drunk woman leaves her dog behind”

  1. Gannon says:

    Good on ya Buddy!, too many bithes to deal wi, yeah a problem. But your dogged approach to Customer and their

    owners, is surely to be applauded!!. I’ll surely be popping in to see ya, and have a beer wi ma dog,

    afore I take her home! Sla’inth Bheatha..agus WOOF WOOF!

    A Her For …some “zeroes” for sure! 🙂


    On the subject of gratitude: In 1972 I was a roofing foreman and my company was engaged to undertake the roof improvement and repair of some 774 West London Council houses, we had no real thanks from any tenant which is customary for that type of work, but we did receive two complaints, one was that our ladder feet had left a few very small holes in the soil surrounding one tenants home and he asked the Council could we return to fill them in, another tenant complained that one day we where working until 8 pm on her neighbours roof and our hammering and talking kept her children awake. The one tenant I will never forget is the pretend posh-person Hyacith Bouquet of tv fame, who I heard telling her daughter to go in the greenhouse to find some old cups with plants in so she could wash them out to make us tea. This is a side of life that sounds difficult to believe but is so common in that type of work. It would be interesting if your website could hold a “Best Short Story contest on landlords experiences with customers or working behind the bar.

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