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Champagne Lanson’s 2017 festive range

Champagne Lanson has unveiled its festive range, which includes its ‘Santa’ brut miniature Champagne bottles and a trio of “innovative” musical gift boxes.

Champagne Lanson’s Black and Rosé labels will be available in new musical gift boxes, joining the company’s White Label, which was released earlier this year. The metal boxes contain a slot for a smartphone on the lid, allowing recipients to use them as a speaker. The dual-purpose cases have recently won the 2017 Formes de Luxe Award in the metal category. The Black and Rosé musical gift boxes will be available at Selfridges, while the White label is now also being sold exclusively at Sainsbury’s.

In addition, the Champagne house is selling its Christmas ‘Santa’ Brut miniatures exclusively through Sainsbury’s in the UK.

“Lanson has been making its award-winning Champagnes in the traditional way for 257 years, so our customers know that their quality purchase will be welcomed in every household at a price point that will make their gift a truly affordable luxury,” said Paul Beavis, managing director of Champagne Lanson UK & International. “We know from our research that almost 40% of all Champagnes are sold in the last eight weeks of the year, and, of this figure, roughly 25% of these sales happen in the last four weeks of the year. What’s more, just under 50% of Champagne purchases are to give to someone as a gift. We hope that our fantastic range and new musical gift boxes will exceed expectations.”

The rest of the Lanson range, including its newest prestige releases – Noble Cuvée Brut 2002 and Noble Cuvée Blanc de Blancs 2002 – will also be available. “The House of Lanson is unsurpassed when it comes to its vast range of quality Champagnes,” said Beavis. “There really is something for everyone. From vintages, to personal favourites, to innovative gift solutions, we hope this festive season will be our strongest one yet.”



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