Top new products: November

Sorgin gin

Bordeaux-born winemaker François Lurton has launched a gin for wine lovers with a Sauvignon Blanc base.

Lurton gets his Sauvignon grapes from Gascony, in southwest France, which he distills into a fresh and aromatic base distillate for Sorgin. Describing the spirit as “a winemaker’s gin”, among the botanicals Lurton adds to the distillate are grapefruit zest, lemon, violets, gorse, lime zest and redcurrant buds. Juniper is not added in its pure form, but as a distillate, to avoid its dominant aromatics masking the delicate notes of the Sauvignon Blanc.

Lurton describes the gin as “complex, with fruity notes, vegetal aromas, a pronounced mouthfeel and great aromatic intensity”. He also believes it has “great length” and that the notes of violet and juniper are “perfectly balanced”. The gin, made in collaboration with Lurton’s partner, Sabine Jaren, is named after the Basque word for ‘sorceress’.

RRP: €36 (£32).


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