Carlsberg launches £15m ‘Danish’ campaign in the UK

Carlsberg has launched a £15 million integrated marketing campaign aimed at revitalising and repositioning its Carlsberg and Carlsberg Export brands in the UK at a more premium level by emphasising its Danish roots.

Mads Mikkelsen

The campaign, called “The Danish Way”, marks the start of a bold new marketing approach from Carlsberg in the UK, aimed at confronting the long-term decline in the lager category by helping key consumer groups and beer drinkers to reappraise the brand through its Danish provenance.

Central to the campaign is a 60-second TV advert starring Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, known for his role in the TV series Hannibal. The advert sees Mikkelsen pondering the secrets to his nation’s happiness as he cycles through the streets of Denmark, eventually arriving at the Carlsberg Brewery where he enjoys a Carlsberg Export from the brand’s new ‘København’ glassware featuring ‘Dansk’ font – which launched in the UK on-trade in January.

The campaign will also flag the brand’s new Danish-themed packaging for both the Carlsberg and Carlsberg Export brands rolled out in February, with wider out-of-home, experiential, digital and social activity is also planned throughout the year.

“Denmark is known as being one of the happiest nations in the world, and their philosophy on life forms the centerpiece of our campaign,” explained Liam Newton, vice president of marketing, Carlsberg UK.

“Consumers will see Carlsberg sharing the Danes’ rituals and philosophies throughout the year, helping them to live life the Danish way. Some consumers see mainstream lagers as interchangeable, and we know from extensive research that it’s incredibly important for them to be aware of the heritage of the individual brands they consume. We want our campaign to celebrate our Danish origins and bring new meaning to the iconic ‘Probably’ line.”

The campaign will also see more than 200,000 Carlsberg Export ‘København’ glasses made available in the off-trade as a gift with purchase, supported by in-store marketing materials.

In the on-trade, in addition to new perfect-serve glassware, one million “shazamable” interactive coasters that can be scanned by consumers to access campaign materials. Once scanned, consumers are “transported to an immersive digital Carlsberg platform” where they can discover content and win Danish-inspired luxury prizes, including hygge home kits, wireless headphones and a trip for two to Copenhagen.

The TV campaign will run until 15 May, with a second run in September, and will also appear in cinemas across the country for an extended period, supported by short-form content rolled out across Carlsberg’s social media channels.

7 Responses to “Carlsberg launches £15m ‘Danish’ campaign in the UK”

  1. Chris grantham says:

    Been to the brewery – like the lager – Love the advert! Best one I’ve seen for ages!

  2. Steve Dixon says:

    Shame it’s not “Real” Carlsberg!

  3. Maureen Hickland says:

    Made me fancy a nice cool beer

  4. Wayne Kilby says:

    Brilliant bike, chain wheel in first shot of Ad is on his left, then in the following shots it is on his right like nearly all bicycles. Clever that!

  5. Chris says:

    What does he say when he’s riding over the table ?

  6. FRANK HOLDING says:

    I would have thought that after a year or so of this ad being made and shown on t v,they have still not rectified the boo boo of having filmed the bike being ridden in the opening shot and printed the negative in reverse,hence the chain wheel on the left hand side of the bike and then next scene it,s back in the right position . Surely someone running through the ad in the first place could have seen that the bike looked a bit odd .

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