AB InBev brings Bud Light to Britain

AB InBev is bringing Bud Light to Britain tomorrow in “the biggest ever brand launch” by the brewer.

Bud Light has been brewed to 3.5% ABV for the UK

The beer, which was created in the US as long ago as 1982, will be officially launching in the UK over the weekend in response to demand in the UK for beer with a lighter taste, fewer calories and a lower ABV, according to AB InBev.

Brewed to 3.5% ABV for the UK, the launch will “inject energy and excitement into the UK beer category,” according to Nick Robinson, who is AB InBev marketing director for the UK and Ireland.

He also said that it will be “the biggest ever brand launch by AB InBev UK”, and that “Bud Light is perfectly placed to respond to the evolving preferences of today’s consumer.”

While the Bud Light Girls are used to promote the lower alcohol beer in the US, there’s no news on them coming to Britain for the UK launch

Recording research to show that younger LDA drinkers in particular want a beer with a lighter taste, fewer calories and lower ABV, he said that AB InBev is frequently asked when Bud Light will be made available in the UK.

From tomorrow the product will be available in 440ml aluminium cans in-store and 500ml SKUs for wholesalers, using the same packaging design and branding as the American version.

It will also be offered on draught across the nation’s pubs, bars and restaurants from the first week of March.

The launch will be supported by a multi-million-pound marketing campaign “that celebrates the brand’s light-hearted personality”.

This will include TV advertising, “high-impact out-of-home sites at some of the most iconic locations nationwide”, along with “significant print and digital spend, plus extensive PR and social media activations”.

10 Responses to “AB InBev brings Bud Light to Britain”

  1. Mike says:

    I am glad to see this i have traveled to the US twice a year for the last 16 years drinking bud light
    Miller light also coors it is nice to see it in the UK long overdue I drink
    In my local weather spoons which has lunched today the 9 march

  2. Lee Brady says:

    I’ve just bought 20 cans and I’m taking them straight back to the shop!! Bud light is 4.2 % in America, which idiot thought it would be a good idea to make it 3.5%!! I might as well drink Skol. Gutted.

  3. william says:

    I used to love rolling rock until it was discontinued back in 2006. It was 4.5% I think. Then when they brought it back under new ownership it was a disgusting 2.8% watery mess.Now they’ve messed with the USA version of bud light to give us this joke version at 3.5%.We also had to put up with the inferior 3.8% carlsberg while the rest of europe enjoyed the original 4.0%. The draught version of budweiser at 4.3% is a joke too unlike the original 5.0%.

  4. Ben says:

    Tasteless piss

  5. fast harry says:

    Inbev ruin EVERYTHING they get the rights to brew in the UK.

    Stella, Budweiser and Becks brewed under license in the UK bare no resemblance to the pre inbev products or products produced abroad under the same brand. Usually we get a lower abv version with significantly less taste or character of the original at the same price.

    A no from me.

  6. Mike Stevens says:

    Total rip off once again by ABinbev. Stella 4.8% here, 5.2% everywhere else. Now this literal can of piss at 3.5% instead of 4.2%. Stop cheating the UK. Where the hell are you getting your research from? You deliver watered down drinks that taste nothing like the proper products, but you still charge the price of the full strength version. I never touch them.

  7. Gary Vincent says:

    Inbev, you’re taking “bud light” out of uk consumers. It tastes nothing like the US formulation. Watered down disappointment. Sorry… premium price for a 3.5% beer is a joke. Branding excellent, story excellent, taste mediocre vs USA.
    It deserves to fail because of your greed, pocketing the pittance saving from alcohol duty.

  8. Paul says:

    Been campaigning for years for bud light to return to uk. I can’t say I’m glad it’s finally here in uk. Its just the same as Mountain Dew uk And Gatorade uk. The Brits hav tampered with it and made the beer 3.5% it’s 4.2 % over in states.wvwn regular bud uk the Brits wrecked that and dropped the Abv to 4.8% I won’t be buying this uk modification of bud light il continue to being my own beer back from vacations in the states . welcome to NOT so Great Britain. I guess they try make it there own but they ruin it for themselves. Small country small minds. Go figure.

  9. Jo Buck says:

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    We live in Southbourne Bournemouth, we are having a BBQ for the Royal Wedding. We were wondering if you could afford to send us 2 posters of Dilly Dilly. We can send you photos along with everyone coming in regal fancy dress. It would be so much fun . We look forward to your reply.
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  10. Jonny says:

    I personally like the new bud light. Drink more, no hangover and a refreshing taste. Only alcholics worry about abv. Got lots of diabetic friends in Uk not as bad for them. Would really like to see Michelob ultra here too. No one seems to be able to import that. Both come from Anuser busch.

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