Couple in 70s knock back Tequila before clubbing till 5am

An elderly couple shocked clubbers at London nightclub Fabric on Sunday by downing Tequila shots and dancing until 5am, before having a cup of tea and heading home.


DJ Jacob Husely with the elderly couple at Fabric’s techno music night on Sunday. Picture credit: Jacob Husley, Facebook

The pair, who were in their 70s, arrived at the weekly techno music night called Wet Your Self as soon as the famous nightclub opened its doors at 10am, and stayed until 5am, when DJ Jacob Trier (aka Jacob Husley) offered them a free taxi ride home – they had planned to stay until the club closed at 6am and take the tube.

According to The Evening Standard, the couple were from Poland and had seen Fabric reviewed in a Polish newspaper, and then booked tickets to the club online.

Husley told The Standard that he spotted the elderly woman first as she descended the stairs into the club on crutches.

Assuming the couple were lost or relations of a Fabric employee, he approached the elderly pair and found that they had tickets to the night of techno music, but spoke very little English.

He recalled, “I said ‘it’s amazing you’re here’ and gave them a drink.

“They had two tequila shots and she gave me a high five.”

Husley then found a Polish-speaker who discovered that the couple often visited nightclubs in their home city of Warsaw, and had come to London to visit their daughter.

Having promised the elderly couple a taxi home for free, Husely took them upstairs to the VIP area where they drank tea and spent the rest of the night ballroom dancing on the balcony.

Husley wrote on his Facebook page that the pair “loved the crowd and the vibe” at Fabric (see below).

Jacob Husley facebook page

3 Responses to “Couple in 70s knock back Tequila before clubbing till 5am”

  1. Sarah P says:

    Life goals.

  2. Caroline Park says:

    Way to go, respect.

  3. “Couple in 70s knock back Tequila before clubbing till 5am”

    So? When we were going out in the 70s we did that every weekend…

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