Top 10 wines in the US press

Raúl Pérez Mencia Vico Bierzo 2012 

Raul-Perez-VicoAnd finally, S. Irene Virbila of the LA Times highlights the temperate climate in which she works by recommending wines perfect for barbecues.

She writes: “Spanish wine aficionados are always on the prowl for Raúl Pérez wines, but of all the many wines this extremely talented winemaker makes – most in minuscule quantities – this red may be the best value.

“That doesn’t mean it’s inexpensive,” she qualifies, “but for the towering quality, it’s a buy. Made from vines close to a century old, the 2012 Raúl Pérez Mencia Vico Bierzo is a big, juicy red with tightly woven dark berry flavors, pepper, spice and wild herbs.”

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