Drink and drama: top 10 quotes

8. Aristophanes, The Knights

This man appears to have sought too much inspiration from wine, and is now paying the price

This man appears to have “soaked his brain” a drop too far

Do you dare to accuse wine of clouding the reason? Quote me more marvellous effects than those of wine. Look! When a man drinks, he is rich, everything he touches succeeds, he gains lawsuits, is happy and helps his friends. Come, bring hither quick a flagon of wine, that I may soak my brain and get an ingenious idea.

From Greek tragedy we turn to the later 5th century Athenian comedy of Aristophanes, who composed biting political satire for a city ground down by the effects of its long war with Sparta.

Near the start of this particular play, the character Demosthenes turns to wine as he seeks inspiration for ways to tackle the corrupt, brutal Paphlagonian who is making the household of his master Demos ­– Greek for “citizens” – so miserable.

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