Top 5 Italian winemakers to watch


Paolo-BussolaAs much as the big wineries like Bertani, Allegrini and Masi, the reputation of Amarone relies on artisan producers like Tommaso Bussola, who teamed up with his uncle, a grower in the heart of the region, in 1977. Completely self-taught, Tommaso Bussola was soon being endorsed by Giuseppe Quintarelli, one of the great names in Valpolicella, after producing his first solo vintage in 1983.

“That was when he really began to strive for quality and, step-by-step, improve the estate,” says his son Paolo. “Today we have around 14ha, all in the province of Negrar. I began working here in 2005, and to be honest it was just a job at first, but I’ve now got really passionate about wine and want to raise our quality even higher.”

Like others, Paolo Bussola does have concerns about the level of speculation around Amarone and some of the entry- level prices out there. “For me, seeing it at €6 or €7 is unthinkable. It wouldn’t even cover the cost of picking the grapes.” Yet, for all that, he remains confident that Amarone can maintain its status as one of Italy’s greatest wines.

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  1. Great article. It is good to know that wine interests more and more young generations!

    Portugal has also great winemakers to watch, both recent or traditional wine families.


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