Top 10 ways to reuse a wine bottle

As a storage container

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Who needs mason jars when you can keep your store cupboard essentials in a wine bottle. Perfect for rice, lentils or other grains and dried goods, as well as M&Ms.

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  1. You forgot wine bottle candles in this article.

  2. Sarah Laker says:

    Excellent article! These wine bottle uses are incredible. Most products are recycled and reused which are also best in reducing waste. Certainly, i will try one at home. In fact, i have already purchased an excellent wine and i have stumbled upon an article at which suggests that wine are great with red meat. So, i’ll definitely cook tonight! Then, i’ll use the bottle for making my own masterpiece. Thanks for sharing this post!

  3. Josanna says:

    Nesecito saber si para decorar la tierra con las botellas la entierro basia o llena de tierra.

  4. Brandon says:

    Glass is most definitely not “…100% recyclable and can be endlessly reprocessed with no loss of quality, helping to conserve non-renewable fossil fuels and reduce the emission of harmful gasses into the atmosphere.” I’m an ecologist and a conservationist. I would love to talk about the falacies of that statement. That being said, reusing is much more sustainable, and I love that this article hits on that. I would love to see more of these clever ideas.

    • Terry says:

      Could you elaborate? I myself have always read that glass is recycled into more glass, while plastic can only be “downcycled” into lesser-quality plastics – while leaching chemicals into whatever they touch. Or is the energy consumption in the glass recycling process excessive? In any case I’ve been dismayed that there seem to be fewer and fewer facilities that will accept glass for recycling, as this could mean that companies will stop selling their products in glass bottles, which would mean that we would have to only buy food packaged in plastic or buy goods made of plastic instead of glass.

  5. Wendy says:

    Thank you for your tips given…it will come in handy

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