Top 10 low-calorie wines

Counting the calories after an indulgent festive period? This selection of low-cal wines could help maintain your virtue.

A trend for lighter, lower calorie wines has quickly gathered pace in the US and UK, with the category gradually overcoming its poor image which has in the past been recognised as a barrier to success.

As reported by the drinks business late last year, one in four bottles of “premium” Californian Pinot Noir and Chardonnay underwent the industrial alcohol removal process supplied by ConeTech in the past year. UK supermarket Sainsbury’s has committed to doubling its lighter alcohol range by 2020, slashing the abv on its own-brand Prosecco earlier this year. While the New Zealand the wine industry is ploughing £8.5m into increasing its “skinny” wine output due to increasing consumer demand for lower alcohol wines.

While low-cal wines have no set industry standard, they are generally at least 15% lighter than the standard 120 to 130 calories found in a typical 150ml serving.

Scroll through for our roundup of some of the low-cal wines currently on the market.


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    Where can you buy weight watchers low calorie wine

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