Top 10 most expensive beer countries

8. United Arab Emirates – £4.86

The populous, oil-drenched conglomerate of feudal kingdoms that is the UAE is unsurprisingly featured in our top 10 due the country’s strict islamic tradition, which forbids the drinking alcohol.

Thankfully, in efforts to bolster the global business approach of the country, alcohol still is permitted to be sold, albeit at a bit of a premium – and only in hotels or licensed nightclubs.

The law states that it’s illegal to be intoxicated in public, so it’s probably a good thing that the beer is so expensive!


2 Responses to “Top 10 most expensive beer countries”

  1. John McGeehan says:

    Umm- where’s Australia in that list? It costs $11 -12 for a pint of beer over there (yes really), which is around £6- £6.50!!!

  2. Peter Cousins says:

    Try the Royal Albert hotel Reservoir rd in Sydney I don’t recall
    spending that much for a pint ( & on handpumps as well ! ) I think it was about $9:00 a pint but the beer was in brilliant condition 1 light beer & 1 dark beer, did find a pub some years back in Perth WA $9 a pint in about 2005 very dear !
    Herts UK

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