Top 10 Chilean winemakers to watch

In the second of our Chilean winemakers to watch seriesAmanda Barnes counts down from 10 to one.


The recent past has not been kind to Chile’s wine producers. The country has faced rising taxes on wine, which affected domestic sales, and a strengthening currency, which damaged profitability for its exports. Furthermore, the earthquake in 2010 saw the country lose around 125 million litres of wine, putting immense pressure on supply. But today it’s in a strong position. Wine production has returned to normal levels, and so has the Peso.

Export markets are growing, particularly for higher priced wines, and consequently producers are confident. And this new positive spirit is having an important effect on Chile’s wine production: it’s encouraging deeper exploration of Chile’s diverse geography, with even the country’s largest and most conservative producers unleashing their winemakers into new areas, encouraging them to bring out new products. Chile was never boring, it was just successful at providing consistent, good wines at competitive prices.

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