Top 10 books for wine lovers

Sideways by Rex Pickett

Sideways by Rex Pickett

The basis for the 2004 film, Sideways tells the story of two friends, Miles and Jack, who go on a road trip together the week before Jack is to marry. Heading out from Los Angeles to the Santa Ynez wine country for one last hurrah, high jinx inevitably ensue as the pair bond over pitchers of wine – just don’t ask about Merlot..

A self-published sequel to this novel was released by Pickett in 2010 entitled Vertical with a third part is still set for publication.

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  1. Virginie Saverys says:

    Two other great books about history and wine:

    Don Kladstrup : Wine and war
    Paul Lukacs : Inventing wine, a new history of one of the world’s most ancient pleasures

  2. Ron Irvine says:

    Two excellent books set in Washington State: The Wine Project by Ron Irvine and Walter Clore (a not your typical history book; and The Winemaker’s Daughter by Tim Egan, a story of greed and honor set in the framework of a father’s vineyard and winery.

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