Top 10 Sherry bars in London


6 CopitaCopita is the buzzing Soho sibling of checkered-floored tapacería Barrica in nearby Fitzrovia. Its inviting cream-tiled interior boasts cured meats hanging along the window, while dark wood communal counters are lined with tall stools. Taking inspiration from acclaimed San Sebastián pintxo bar La Cuchara de San Telmo, executive chef James Knight has put together an authentic and constantly evolving menu. Some of the more inventive dishes include kohlrabi and apple salad, mussel croquettes and miniature violet artichokes.

The thick and creamy ajo blanco meanwhile, a puréed garlic and almond soup served cold with chunks of beetroot, peanuts and fresh dill, has become a house classic. Copita’s laid- back staff are fired up about their impressive Sherry list. As the name suggests, all 15 Sherries are available by the glass, from Fernando de Castilla Antique Fino, to Hidalgo Triana Pedro Ximenez, via Lustau Arcos Amontiallado.

Copita, 27 D’Arblay Street, London W1F 8EP,+44 (0)207 287 7797

4 Responses to “Top 10 Sherry bars in London”

  1. Esta moda del Sherry esta por llegar a Londres, nosotros los latinoamericanos
    ya pasamos por esos bares. Lo nuestro ya es otra cosa. Estamos en cerveza, ron,
    y vodka mezcladas.

  2. Jonathan Cahill says:

    l had been perplexed by the supposed explosion of sherry bars and this list helps to explain it. As far as l can see there is only one true sherry bar, which is Bar Pepito. The others are excellent tapas bars which serve sherry, along with other wines.
    l don’t have personal experience of all those listed, but Jose is one which is superb largely due to the high quality of the tapas, great service and a good list of wines, including sherry.
    How Barrafina can be called a sherry bar is beyond me. It describes itself as a ‘Spanish tapas restaurant’ and is modelled on Cal Pep in Barcelona. This is a city where, if you ask for Manzanilla in a bar, you get camomille tea!
    l would not want to take away anything from the great initiative represented by Bar Pepito. However l would have thought that a better description of most of the bars listed is that they are more a step up in tapas rather than a sherry revolution.
    Rather than a perception of success, greatyer credibility would be achieved by listing the actual figures for the sales of sherry in London and the extent of the actual increase.

  3. Matt Huntingford says:

    I’d guess it’s almost impossible to sustain a specialist bar in most of these locations without the additional income from food. Pepito is a. tiny, and b. benefits from a location that already has a large number of drinkers which makes it viable. Still, all of this is great news for sherry fanatics like me and I wish all the best to all the above for helping spread the word.

  4. Christian G.E. Schiller says:

    What about Gordon’s? Times seem to have stood still there

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