Top 10 wine brands

3.Yellow Tail

Volume 2011: 10,705,994 9l cases
Volume 2010: 10,991,634 9l cases
Change 10-11: -2.7%
Brand owner: Casella Wines
Head office: Wakley Road, Yenda, NSW 2681 Australia
Tel: +61 2 6961 3000
Marketing manager: Libby Nutt
PR: R&R Communications +44 (0)20 7384 1333
Product range: Yellow Tail, The Reserve, Limited release

Yellow Tail celebrated its tenth birthday in 2011. “When we created Yellow Tail, we wanted to keep wine fun and simple. We didn’t want to intimidate wine lovers, rather to embrace them and enhance their social lives,”said John Casella, managing director of Casella Wines. His approach was unique, and he launched his Australian wine label in an overseas market before it hit domestic shelves.

John Casella joined with WJ Deutsch, a major wine importer in the USA with the hope of reaching a sales forecast of 25,000 cases in its first year.

Actual sales exceeded one million cases. In just ten years, Casella has become Australia’s largest wine exporter.

Over two million glasses of Yellow Tail are enjoyed around the world every day, which requires production of ten million cases of wine each year. Casella suggests that the key to securing Yellow Tail’s success.

10 Responses to “Top 10 wine brands”

  1. Ricky johnston says:

    Offsale wines are always going to be in top 10 because they are cheap.. Where’s the top 10 on trade wines??

  2. Jamie says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great inspiration to the wine business. It is tough even to grow a brand to a million case level. Australia and US brands have really made it happen on the Global state. I wont be surprised to see a brand from Argentina in the list in few years. What you can take from here is ‘price, product, package and promotion’ makes it happen if you want to build the brand. We also want to add penetration separately here as lot of credit goes to their importers and distributors.

  3. sandy says:

    they are the top 10 BRANDS?? it is keating! Brands may include several different wines under it, if top Brand, which means all wines under that brand are top? if you say 10 top RED WINES, or 10 top WHITE WINES, or even 10 top Moscato/Shiraz (any particular taste), I would think it is more relavent and believeable.

  4. prince franklin says:

    drink and let drink

  5. Pedro says:

    @ricky johnston I think Ricky has a good point! I understand this includes both on-trade and off-trade! I think a ranking like this, but done according to value instead of volume could be very interesting, and im sure a french wine would pop into the ranking!

  6. ragahavendra reddy says:

    nice wines i belive country wines so thanks alot

  7. candy says:

    can anyone tell me the names of some red wines because this is the first time i wanna drink

  8. ro says:


  9. I think they’re not. I love wine an I ordered my favorite wine online and they are the best which is not listed here.

  10. Clarice Long says:

    I want to open a wine and spirits store in washington d.c. i saw the ten best wines i drink some of the ones on the list are these wines good to have in a wine store for the upper class

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