Ones to Watch in 2012

3. Lady Gaga, Age: 25

The eccentric singer topped this year’s Forbes celebrity list, with an estimated net worth of US$90m.

Representing the power of celebrity endorsement in the luxury wine and spirits sphere, we could have chosen a number of world-famous stars, but Gaga made the cut for being the most talked about and photographed celebrity of the moment.

Often tweeting about her love of wine to her 16m Twitter followers, the Italian American songstress could start a luxury drinks trend at the drop of one of her Philip Tracey hats.

She hasn’t yet, but she could.

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  1. Rather than predicting the next glitzy celebrity endorsed icon wines’ likely to attract attention, I think it would be more intriguing to predict which wine region is most likely to become the focus of international desire in 2012. My firm suspicion is that the tried and tested region of Burgundy and in particular Chablis and the Côte de Beaune will once again be centre stage for their nervy whites.

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