Pinot Gris virus detected in Australia

A virus that attacks Pinot Gris vines causing delayed bud burst, leaf distortion and yield loss has been found in Australian vineyards for the first time.

Message in a bottle: How the Champagne bottle is evolving

The mass production of glass brought about a conformity to Champagne bottles but now some producers are creating bespoke bottles to make their brands stand out. However, writes Lauren Eads, the process is quite an undertaking.

Taittinger invests €60m in Champagne production

Champagne Taittinger is investing as much as €60 million in a new production site on the outskirts of Reims.

China’s wine regions: Shanxi

Known as a major coal mining province in China, Shanxi’s coal production has fuelled the country’s fast-track economic development for decades. Winemaking seems to be an after thought but estates like Grace Vineyard and Château Rongzi are making inroads.

Are you showing too much skin?

September 19th, 2016

Wine drone put to work in US

August 14th, 2014

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