Cork maker MA Silva USA launches oxygen management tool for winemakers

Cork, glass and packaging manufacturer MA Silva USA has expanded its services to the wine industry by launching a new piece of technology which helps to monitor oxygen and CO2 levels in winemaking.

Spanish brewery launches charitable craft beer made with Tempranillo grapes

Spanish brewery Cerveza Mica, in collaboration with the town council of Moradillo de Roa, has launched a craft beer called El Cotarro made with Tempranillo grapes.

China adopts new regulation on Ochratoxin A for wine

China will be adopting a new limit for Ochratoxin A (OTA), the toxin produced by fungi such as Aspergillus and Penicillium commonly found in cereals, coffee and wine, starting from 17 September.

Top 10 restaurants in London for organic wines

Sifting through our Wine List Confidential database, we bring you 10 of the best London restaurants that shine a brighter light than most on organic, natural and biodynamic wines.

Are you showing too much skin?

September 19th, 2016

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