wine investment

Fine wine investment: Back-testing the algorithm

Regular readers will know about the Amphora proprietary algorithm and as part of the testing to improve its efficiency we have back-tested the performance of wines selected by the algorithm at the beginning of 2017 against the performance of the Liv-ex 100.

Fine wine investment: There’s something about Margaux

Limited edition bottles from leading Bordeaux producers are increasingly common and can have a startlingly effect on the wine's performance – and Margaux's upcoming 2015 release is no exception.

Fine wine investment: sparkling potential

The Champagne sector lies somewhere between Bordeaux and Burgundy in terms of complexity and investors wondering what Champagne might offer them would do well to get acquainted with its ins and outs.

Fine wine investment: Supply and demand

The outlook for the global economy is good, with leading economic indicators for the most part trending upwards and in ways a fine wine investor should recognise.

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