wine investment

Fine wine investment: what is ‘ex-cellar’ worth?

All markets are awash with participants who believe things that are wrong, and in the fine wine world one of the erroneous beliefs is that there is something mystically superior about ex-château stock.

China’s rebound makes wine best performing collectible

Fine wine has surpassed classic cars, art and jewellery to become the world’s best performing collectible, with values soaring 25 percent over the past 12 months, as buying picks up among wealthy Chinese.

Fine wine investment: missing a trick

A recent article in a national paper did a good job of highlighting the potential in 'alternative assets' but there's a line between 'investment' and purely 'collectible' – one which fine wine, as it happens, manages to straddle with comparative ease.

Fine wine investment: the currency of wine

Currency movements are an important backdrop to the performance of this market. Fine wine investors should be well aware of this, and be trying to turn events to their advantage.

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