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Liv-ex introduces ‘fair value’ method

After calling for an end to “opaque” en primeur pricing, Liv-ex has laid out a “fair value” methodology, which it says could lead to a new consensus on pricing and help Bordeaux “reinvent itself in the internet age”.

En primeur: call for end to pricing opacity

The opacity of en primeur pricing decisions is a hindrance to the future of the system, has cost the industry millions of euros and in an age of ever-greater digital transparency has to end, Liv-ex has argued.

Fine wine investment: back in La La land

The wines of the Côte Rôtie don’t often set the market alight, because they are such small participants in the overall game but the performance of the famous 'La Las' over the last six months has been little short of spectacular.

Fine Wine Investment: is there a case for ’05 Latour?

Château Latour is releasing a tranche of its 2005 this month but despite what appears to be potential for a price bounce, is there a good reason for buying any of it?

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