wine investment

Fine wine investment: cutting the fat

Although tasting notes and the scores of many critics don't hold much if any sway on the performance of the leading wines in the secondary market, they add to the overall enjoyment of collecting – and the newly initiated can still be scared off by overly complicated or pompous reviews.

Fine wine investment: Searching among the 2014s

We have talked of late about the value present in pretty much every 2009 and 2010 ‘second wine’, but taking a step back we find that elsewhere in Bordeaux, among both Right and Left Bank wines, 2014 has started to feature prominently.

Fine wine investment: what is ‘ex-cellar’ worth?

All markets are awash with participants who believe things that are wrong, and in the fine wine world one of the erroneous beliefs is that there is something mystically superior about ex-château stock.

Fine wine investment: consider the Right Bank

With the broader fine wine market continuing to steam ahead that doesn't mean that every label is being swept along in the rush and the Right Bank of Bordeaux remains an area in which buying opportunities are to be had.

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