China hits back at Trump with whiskey import tariff

China has retaliated to President Trump's imposition of tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese imports into America, announcing a counter tariff on a raft of products imported by the US into China, including a 25% hike on American whiskey.

New whiskey flavoured with beaver secretions launched

New Hampshire-based Tamworth Distillery has launched a limited edition whiskey flavoured with castoreum, a substance secreted by beavers, which it sources from a local animal trapper called Anton.

The week in pictures

This week in the world of drinks; Tinie Tempah works the circuit, JD Wetherspoon frames a Champagne loss as a Brexit victory, Ryan Reynolds walks out of an interview with himself, and beavers provide vital fluids for the bourbon industry...

Pernod Ricard plans Myanmar whisky expansion

Pernod Richard is expanding its whisky footprint in Myanmar having acquired a majority stake in a new joint venture with private equity firm Yoma Strategic, making it the first major global producer of wine and spirits to enter the market.

The week in pictures

April 13th, 2018

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