MUP ‘not silver bullet’ says Welsh Assembly

With the Welsh Assembly preparing to debate and vote on the implementation of minimum unit pricing next week, assembly members have warned that it is not a “silver bullet” with which to tackle alcohol harm.

Welsh brewery Tiny Rebel launches gaming app

Newport-based brewer Tiny Rebel has launched a free video gaming app called Beer Money Inc. which allows users to brew and sell virtual beer, hire staff and buy a brewery.

Welsh and Irish gin sales soar as distillery numbers rise

With a total of 17 distilleries in Wales and 18 distilleries in Ireland, gin producers are reporting record sales and are pushing for Protected Geographical Status. 

Welsh pub offers diners a 25% discount if they lock their phones away

A pub in Wrexham is offering a 25% discount to those that lock away their phones while they eat as part of its 'Mobile-Free Mondays' campaign.

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