Rabobank: US wine exports to EU fall

US wine exports saw a double digit decline on the back of falling sales to the EU, according to the latest Rabobank report, but France saw “remarkable” increases in exports to the UK, despite an average price rise of 10.6%.

Fire rages near vineyards in California

Hundreds of firefighters have been battling since last Thursday to extinguish an “out of control” blaze raging near vineyards in the Santa Maria Valley.

Top drinks-related facts about Fourth of July

To mark the United States' 241st year of Independence on Tuesday, we have sifted through its history to bring you a selection of little-known facts, shining a light on how alcohol has helped shape and celebrate the formation of this great nation.

Dom Pérignon to offer chilled Champagne in an hour

In need of chilled Dom Pérignon right away? Well now you can get it, with the famous Champagne brand offering to deliver Dom Pérignon ready-to-drink in an hour to consumers in the US.

Diageo builds momentum

January 26th, 2017

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