UK Government

Minimum unit pricing in England is back under consideration

Minimum unit pricing (MUP) on alcohol could now be enforced in England after Scotland's pricing regulations were rolled out last week, according to an MP.

Scotch whisky’s green energy strategy is “an example” for the whole industry

The Scotch whisky industry has hit its renewable energy targets four years ahead of schedule, according to new figures.

Rate of UK pub closures has slowed to two per day

The number of pubs closing in the UK has slowed to two per day after years of rapid decline, according to new figures.

UK to add levy on bottles and cans to reduce waste

The UK government is launching a consultation on a deposit scheme that could see a refundable charge added to the cost of single-use glass, plastic, steel and aluminium bottles and cans in an effort to reduce waste and increase recycling.

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