New booking app intends to combat no-shows in London restaurants

A new booking app allows restaurants to turn no-shows and late-cancellations into bookings with diners seeking last-minute seats in London.

VinPro and Stellenbosch University to revive experimental vineyards

VinPro, South Africa’s wine body, has partnered with Stellenbosch University on a project to revive experimental vineyards and provide a world class training ground for the next generation of viticulture students and researchers.

Researchers find gene to make barley ‘drought-proof’

Scientists in Edinburgh have identified a gene in barley that may make the plant drought-resistant, arguing that it has the potential to future proof whisky and beer production in the face of global warming.

Nanotechnology ‘key to removing wine faults’, researchers find

The use of tiny magnetic nanoparticles may be key to removing faults such as smoke and cork taint from wine easily and safely, researchers in Australia have said, after success in removing proteins and unwanted aromas.

Top 10 apps for wine lovers

April 2nd, 2019

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