Merger promises new ‘big data era’ for the wine industry

One of the US’s most popular consumer wine sites, Wine Folly, has merged with the Global Wine Database (GWDB) and unveiled plans to make big data about wine accessible to the industry.

UK pub chain Samuel Smith’s bans mobile phones

UK pub chain Samuel Smith's has banned mobile phone, iPads and laptops from its pubs in an effort to reignite the art of conversation.

This new home bar lets you make ‘Irish whiskey’ in your kitchen

Tech company Smart Spirits has launched a drink dispenser that allows to create unique beverages that supposedly replicate the flavour of spirits such as whiskey, gin or rum at home.

Top 10 apps for wine lovers

With apps now a staple of modern life, we round up some of our favourite wine-based apps, which help users to consume knowledge, track experiences and purchase wine at the touch of a button.

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