Vinventions works to improve the screwcap

Improving the scewcap by reducing its carbon footprint and fragility during transport is one aim of Vinventions, a company that sells all types of wine closure.


知名酒塞公司葡萄牙橡木塞供应集团(The Cork Supply Group,以下简称CSG)近日发布命名为“Vinc”的微复合、无TCA的新产品系列。(译注:微复合,micro-agglomerated,用软橡木屑和胶水混合制作而成;TCA,三氯苯甲醚,一种造成葡萄酒软木塞污染的化学物质,重则使葡萄酒产生霉味,轻则使酒体索然无味。)

Amorim: Signed, Sealed Delivered

Amorim, the world’s largest cork producer, is spearheading a variety of new approaches to ensure that cork remains the best way to seal a bottle of wine.

Diam launches agglomerated cork with plant-based binder

Diam has launched a new agglomerated cork that uses a plant-based binder and beeswax filler in place of polyurethane glue and plastic microparticles.

Amorim steps up TCA battle

July 25th, 2013

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