斯洛文尼亚四名酿酒商近日发布一款来自Sevnica的“第一夫人”葡萄酒,以向在Sevnica长大的斯洛文尼亚移民、美国第一夫人Melania Trump致敬。

First Lady wine created for Melania Trump

A quartet of Slovenian wine producers from Sevnica, where First Lady Melania Trump grew up, have released a wine in her honour.

Slovenia: The ‘New Old World’ Winemaking Country

It's not just Melania Trump, wife of the U.S. president-elect Donald Trump, that's putting Slovenia on everyone’s lips – its wines are also generating buzz in the Hong Kong wine community.

Croatia gets permission to use ‘Teran’ name

The EU has granted partial permission for Croatian winemakers to use ‘Teran’ on its wine labels after a long dispute with Slovenia.

Top 10 wine consuming countries

February 20th, 2014

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