Slovenia takes EU to court in grape dispute

Slovenia’s minister of Agriculture has said that the country is to file a lawsuit against the European Commission in a dispute over the grape variety Teran.


斯洛文尼亚四名酿酒商近日发布一款来自Sevnica的“第一夫人”葡萄酒,以向在Sevnica长大的斯洛文尼亚移民、美国第一夫人Melania Trump致敬。

First Lady wine created for Melania Trump

A quartet of Slovenian wine producers from Sevnica, where First Lady Melania Trump grew up, have released a wine in her honour.

Croatia gets permission to use ‘Teran’ name

The EU has granted partial permission for Croatian winemakers to use ‘Teran’ on its wine labels after a long dispute with Slovenia.

Top 10 wine consuming countries

February 20th, 2014

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