Robert Mondavi

Continuum launches 2014 vintage in Hong Kong

Napa’s premium winery Continuum has unveiled its 2014 vintage in Hong Kong – the first terroir-focused vintage since the 2008, according to Carissa Mondavi, speaking to dbHK.

Mondavi celebrates 50th year with new wine

Constellation Brands’ iconic Robert Mondavi Winery celebrated its 50th anniversary this week with a three-day media event at its Napa Valley facility, at which it officially launched a new wine.


来自美国知名酒庄嘉露(Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery)的高级酿酒总监Gina Gallo以及丈夫Boisset Collection的业主Jean-Charles Boisset将成为今年罗伯特蒙大维美食美酒大奖(Robert Mondavi Wine & Food)的首对夫妻档得主。这一奖项由柯林斯酒店管理学院(Collins College of Hospitality Management)颁发,旨在认可在葡萄酒以及餐饮届的杰出贡献。

Seña 2014 previewed in Hong Kong

Ahead of its official release, members of Hong Kong’s wine trade and media had a glimpse of the new 2014 vintage from Vina Seña.

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