Neil McGuigan

Uncorked: Neil McGuigan

Australian winemaker Neil McGuigan reveals his biggest vice - chocolate, and compares himself to an, "old, tired and flat bottle of Champagne".

McGuigan: opportunity in China huge for Australian wine

Australian wine exports to China climbed 40% to AUS$520 million in 2016, presenting Australia with a huge opportunity, says McGuigan's chief winemaker Neil McGuigan.

McGuigan: ‘Brexit was a slap in the face’

The UK’s decision to leave the EU was “a slap in the face” but it doesn’t lessen Britain’s importance as a key wine market according to Australian producer Neil McGuigan.

McGuigan planting ‘as much Malbec’ as possible

McGuigan is betting on the future of Australian Malbec believing it could be the next big variety out of Australia, with chief winemaker Neil McGuigan revealing that the producer is working to plant as much of the variety as possible.

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