Napa’s Mondavi estate announces fresh leadership

C. Mondavi & Family – the parent company for the Charles Krug, CK Mondavi & Family, Purple Heart and Fortissimo brands – has announced a changing of the guard in the Napa Valley family business by appointing six cousins, collectively known as “G4,” as company shareholders and brand ambassadors.

Premiere Napa Valley raises US$4.1m

The annual Premiere Napa Valley auction raised US$4.1 million with bidders not just buying wines but “investing in the future of the region,” said one winemaker.

Why Napa is shifting fast from blended wines to single vineyard expressions

Napa, once a region that closely followed a Bordeaux wine-blending approach, is now mimicking Burgundy with a single-vineyard focus – and it's a trend gaining momentum, according to Jean-Guillaume Prats.

US direct-to-consumer wine shipments set to top $3bn in 2018

According to a report compiled by Sovos and Wines & Vines, US wineries shipped 5.78 million cases of wine in 2017, valued at over US$2.69 billion, with shipments set to top $3 billion this year. 

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