California lawmakers address housing shortage for wine workers

Californian lawmakers have called for more state help to solve the workers' housing shortage that is currently blighting the state's wine industry.

Investor sues Napa wine merchant for $1m

A US bond investor is suing a Napa wine merchant for US$1 million, accusing it of selling him dozens of fake Bordeaux wines.

‘We would prefer God to decide,’ says Almaviva winemaker

Such is the complexity of irrigation management in Chile’s Maipo Valley, Almaviva’s Michel Friou would rather leave the decisions to God.

Inside Napa’s ‘most expensive’ vineyard estate

A newly developed wine estate in Napa has been put on the market for US$42 million – 10% more than when it was listed in 2015 – which if achieved would make it the most expensive property ever sold in the region.

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