US beer stocks slide as millennials turn to wine

Goldman Sachs has downgraded the stocks of two of the biggest US brewing companies due to a continued drop in beer consumption and a shift towards wine by millennials.

Coravin launches Model One in HK

'Find Freedom by the Glass' - Hong Kong’s millennial wine consumers are the focus for Coravin’s new Model One, its most ‘competitively’ priced model yet.

How can wine producers cater to the tastes of millennials?

It's no secret that the tastes of millennials can be tricky for wine producers to pin-point. Neil Anderson, marketing director of Kingsland Drinks, explores how wine producers can keep up with their ever evolving tastes.

Litmus launches ‘Ginking’ gin and wine fizz

UK-based wine business consultancy Litmus Wines is targeting the millennial market with a new product combining gin and English sparkling wine.

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