Villa Maria launches ‘flagship’ £90 Ngakirikiri wine

New Zealand's Villa Maria has launched its most expensive wine to date, naming its Ngakirikiri from the Gimblett Gravels as the brand's new flagship wine.

Mouton Cadet now good enough for the Baroness

Having gained complete control over sourcing, a new look Mouton Cadet is now a wine that the late “Baroness would drink even at the château”, according to Hugues Lechanoine, managing director of Baron Philippe de Rothschild.

Sting to launch red wine called Roxanne

Sting is to add to his range of six wines from Tuscany with a new label named after his hit single, Roxanne.

The ’90s a ‘dark decade’ for German wine

The scion of his historic family wine estate in northern Pfalz, Philipp Kuhn has said that global pressure for Germany to plant international varieties in the 1990s contributed to a “dark decade” for the wine business.

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