The ’90s a ‘dark decade’ for German wine

The scion of his historic family wine estate in northern Pfalz, Philipp Kuhn has said that global pressure for Germany to plant international varieties in the 1990s contributed to a “dark decade” for the wine business.

Uncorked: Liu Hai of Legacy Peak

Liu Hai, owner of Legacy Peak in Ningxia China, chats with dbHK about the challenges of running a wine business in China and his ambition to make wines that live on generation after generation.

McGuigan releases four new wines in UK

Hunter Valley based producer McGuigan Wines has released a quartet of new reds into the UK across its ‘Classic’, ‘Reserve’ and ‘Founders’ ranges.

‘High-antioxidant’ wine launched in China

Targeting Mainland China and Hong Kong's wine drinkers, an Italian winery has launched a red wine rich in procyanidin - a powerful antioxidant found in tannins, it claims.

11 benchmark wines from Navarra

December 14th, 2016

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