Small gains again in March for fine wine

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 index gained again in March, for the sixteenth consecutive month, but the rise was a slight 0.7%.

Fine wine investment: are the ‘seconds’ understood?

Although there has been much talk about 'second wines' in recent years, the close correlation in prices regardless of points achieved suggests they are not yet properly understood or appreciated by the market.

En primeur: call for end to pricing opacity

The opacity of en primeur pricing decisions is a hindrance to the future of the system, has cost the industry millions of euros and in an age of ever-greater digital transparency has to end, Liv-ex has argued.

Liv-ex introduces ‘fair value’ method

After calling for an end to “opaque” en primeur pricing, Liv-ex has laid out a “fair value” methodology, which it says could lead to a new consensus on pricing and help Bordeaux “reinvent itself in the internet age”.


February 6th, 2017


January 18th, 2017

Fine wine bounces back in 2016

December 20th, 2016

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