Japanese scientists make alcohol from wood

Researchers at Japan's Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute have developed an alcoholic beverage made from tree bark, which it says resembles the qualities of an alcohol aged in wood barrels. 

Rare whisky returns better than gold

Prices of rare whiskies are on the rise, with the most wanted single malts offering better returns than gold. Lucy Shaw explores whether these old drops are a good long-term investment.

Oz Clarke: ‘Challenge your perceptions of sake’

UK drinkers need to “challenge their perceptions of sake” and embrace its, often surprising, versatility wine writer Oz Clarke urged at the launch of a new campaign to promote the ancient Japanese drink this week.

Japan looks to alternative beer ingredients to rejuvenate beer consumption

Japanese brewers are banking on a newly introduced liquor tax law that allows breweries to use a wider range of ingredients in beer production to rejuvenate Japan’s shrinking domestic beer market.

Japan to raise beer prices

January 5th, 2018

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