Fine wine investment: reaping the rewards

Investment is often full of more failures or near-successes than it is outright winners - so it's nice to make some noise about one when you get it right.

A time to hedge one’s bets?

We were very interested to see this headline over the weekend: “Hedge funds pile up record bets against sterling”. Without going too deeply into the arguments, these denizens of Mayfair seem to think that the economy is going to struggle post Brexit and that interest rates are due to stay low for some time.

Diversify Fine Wine to capitalise on Brexit

Investors need to keep a broad and diverse portfolio of fine wines to maximize their return in the wake of the Brexit vote, new research by Vin-X has demonstrated

Fine wine in La La land

The top wines of the Rhône have always struggled despite good scores and small production but that doesn't mean their time won't come.

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