Fine wine investment: bargains among the 2012s

It has taken a while for 2012 to recover from its en primeur inspired hangover but a lot of wines from that vintage have well lately, enough for people to be asking whether or not there are still bargains around from that year.

Fine wine investment: Latour and Sassicaia

While waiting for the primeur campaign to kick up a gear it's worth considering wines that might grab your fancy if your favourite first growth comes out with a hefty price increase - old Latour and Sassicaia might be the answer.

Fine wine investment: don’t fear the dip

In a confident marketplace the odd dip in proceedings is not a cause for alarm but an opportunity and there are plenty about.

Fine wine investment: opposite reactions

Conventional wisdom holds that a stronger pound and high-priced en primeur campaign will send the fine wine market into a tailspin but the opposite may be true.

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