Mallya steps down from United Breweries board

The embattled Vijay Mallya has reportedly stepped down from the board of United Breweries and is to name a successor.

Sazerac buys into Indian whisky with stake in John Distilleries

US distiller Sazerac has made its first strategic move into the growing Indian whisky market with the acquisition of a stake in India's John Distilleries, whose brands include Original Choice Whisky and Paul John Indian Single Malt.

Fine wine investment: Keeping it simple

Twenty years ago fine wine was very much an insider’s paradise but this is increasingly not the case and cutting the jargon has to be a priority if companies want to make it more accessible to new investors.

Mallya rearrested in London on money laundering charges

Vijay Mallya, the fugitive former head of India's United Spirits, has been rearrested in London on money laundering charges.

VJ Mallya to face new charges

September 26th, 2017

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