Monday could be landmark day for Mallya’s extradition battle

Former head of United Spirits, Vijay Mallya, will learn whether Westminster Magistrates have decided to accept or disregard much of the documentary evidence supplied by the Indian authorities to support their request that he be returned to answer charges of fraud and money laundering.

Indian winery wins top prize at Asian Wine Review

Indian winery Grover Zampa has been named ‘Winery of the Year’ by the Asian Wine Review, shining a light on a country that has been better known for its spirits quaffing ability than viticulture prowess.

Indian banks ‘broke rules’ when lending money to Mallya

The chief magistrate at the extradition hearing of the former head of United Spirits, Vijay Mallya, has said that it was "blindingly obvious" that rules were being broken by Indian banks that loaned funds to his failed Kingfisher Airlines.

Courts raise Mallya’s weekly spending limit to £18,000

Vijay Mallya, the former head of India's United Spirits facing extradition proceedings in London, has been given a raise to fund his lavish lifestyle.

VJ Mallya to face new charges

September 26th, 2017

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