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Monday 27 February 2017 loc: GB

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s top 10 festive tipples

Hong Kong’s new festive cocktails include a barrel-aged Manhattan, stunning Japanese libations and delicious spiced eggnog. We round up 10 of the best tipples out there.

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Vinexpo HK masterclass: Y Viva Almaviva

A rare masterclass in vintages from the Almaviva winery left an audience in Hong Kong in no doubt of Chile’s ability to challenge anywhere in the world.

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意大利名庄Gaja: 中国是‘个大问号’

虽然目前亚洲已经占到Gaja酒庄整体出口的30%,但谈到中国时,这个享有盛名的意大利家族酒庄,仍对中国市场感到困惑,酒庄的女掌门人Gaia Gaja坦言。

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China ‘a big question mark’ for Gaja

Despite Asia now accounting for 30% of its exports, Gaja, one of Italy’s most well-known wineries, still finds the Chinese market something of a puzzle, admitted Gaia Gaja.

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Uncorked: Danny Ng

The chief sommelier at the American Club in Hong Kong, Danny Ng, speaks to dbHK about a favoured bottle of Lucy Margaux and breaking corkscrews in the middle of service.

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美誉葡萄酒业(Accolade Wines)将于这周在澳大利亚、新西兰、香港举办巡回招商引资会,为明年公司上市做准备。

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When is Dragon 8’s next auction?

Despite claims the Hong Kong auction house would hold a sale this winter there appears to be no sign that this will be the case.

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Week in pictures: Hong Kong

From the craft beers of Chicago to the sweet nectar of Sauternes, velvety reds of Napa and 19th century Tawny Port – it’s been an eclectic week in Hong Kong’s wine world.

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Accolade holds roadshow for potential investors

Accolade Wines is holding a roadshow for potential investors across Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong as it gears up for IPO listing.

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db Masters: 首次亚洲赤霞珠专场

The drinks business Hong Kong现已开始接受2017 亚洲赤霞珠大师赛 (Asian Cabernet Sauvignon Masters)的报名。这将是亚洲规模最大、覆盖最广的赤霞珠盲品大赛。

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