UK Government denies seeking ‘calorie caps’ on restaurant food

Public Health England (PHE) has denied rumours that the UK government is planning to enforce "calorie caps" in restaurants, after it was widely reported in the national media.

Alcohol damage to DNA is cause of cancer

New research has found how excessive alcohol consumption causes various types of cancer – by damaging the DNA of stem cells.

UK’s ‘first’ gin spa launches in Glasgow

The team behind Gin71, which operates three dedicated gin bars in Scotland, has opened what it claims is the UK's first gin spa in Glasgow with botanical-inspired treatments.  

Drinks trade charity tackles mental health with #notalone campaign

UK drinks trade charity The Benevolent has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues in the drinks trade with the aim of encouraging a stigma-free environment, while encouraging those in need of its support to get in touch.

Beer spa opens in Iceland

July 27th, 2017

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