Vatican bans gluten free communion wine

The Vatican has banned the use of gluten free bread and wine during holy communion – when Catholics believe the bread and wine turn into the body and blood of Christ. 

Guinness rolls out calorie labelling in Ireland

Guinness has added nutritional and calorie information on pack, but only for 500ml cans in the Republic of Ireland, taking a further step toward fulfilling a pledge made in 2015 to provide such information for all of its products.

Drinks trade backs $100m study on ‘drink a day’ advice

The US-based National Institutes of Health is to launch a clinical study at a cost of $100m, backed by the drinks industry, that it hopes will settle the issue over whether a drink a day is good for you.

Russians told to swap vodka for wine to boost health

The head of the Russian Agriculture Ministry, Alexander Tkachyov, has encouraged the country's citizens to swap spirits for wine in a bid to boost their health. 

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