Brexit causes dip in government quaffing

The Brexit vote last June has led to a 12% dip in the amount of wine drunk from the government's official cellars, a report has revealed.

UK government urged to end 80% Scotch ‘supertax’

As the UK scrambles to assemble a new government following the most recent general election, the SWA has laid out its campaign priorities urging ministers to support the scrapping of an 80% ‘supertax’ on Scotch.

MP believes English wine can ‘oil wheels of Brexit’

Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani has called for English wines to be served at diplomatic events to help “oil the wheels of the Brexit negotiations”.

UK government wine consumption drops by a third

The consumption of wine by UK government officials fell by a third in 2015/16, with the drop attributed to a lack of events throughout the year, particularly during the General Election period.

Tories toast political beer range

September 29th, 2014

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